tldr; I developed a container enumeration script. Think of it like linpeas/linenum but for containers.

Deepce is a container enumeration and exploit script designed for pen testers, hackers and developers that I developed as part of my disseration for my MSc in Computer Security Systems.


The current privileged escalation scripts for Linux such as linpeas or linenum are great but they aren't so as useful from inside of a container system. For example if you're looking for information about the host OS from inside a container or for finding potential container escapes or exploits.


  • Enumerates the host and container
  • Exploits
  • Escapes
  • Secrets, passwords and hashes
  • Several diffent payloads

For full list of functionalily please see the readme.


A few example screenshots can be found below, but for a more complete overview please see the github pages site.