Capture The Flags

I enjoy both participating and running Capture The Flag (CTF) tournaments. Mostly as part of a team, sometimes solo:


Date CTF Place
07/12/2020 Metasploit Community CTF 2020 (Dec) 2nd
20/11/2020 HTB Univeristy CTF 2020 46th
04/09/2020 BSides Newcastle 2020 3rd
03/02/2020 Metasploit Community CTF 2020 (Feb) 7th
02/12/2019 Deloitte UK CTF Final 3rd
26/11/2019 Cyber Crime Cup 3rd
05/11/2019 Deloitte Qualifiers 3rd
06/11/2019 Cyber Crime Cup Qualifiers 3rd
11/10/2019 Pico 2019 53rd
03/12/2018 Metasploit Community CTF 2018 17th

I've written up some of the more interesting challenges here


Date CTF Description
2020 USWCTF 2020 Following the success of the previous year the university funded a more substanital CTF event. Myself and rushi wrote a series of challenges. The event was very well received and we ended up running the same event for the Cyber Wales CTF cluster meeting
2019 USWCTF 2019 Myself and rushi combined a series of Docker container based challenges with the CTFd platform to create a CTF event for the university.
2018 USWCTF Organised a small scale CTF event for university students with a website and a few challenges.